Jax Beach Custom


Customize your own portions of Proteins, Carbs and Veggies based on the meal sizes available. If you prefer your meals delivered please select an available date below, and specify in the notes the delivery cycle you wish to be on. Ex: If you customize your meal plan with 15 meals, we deliver two separate days to guarantee freshness. Basic delivery cycle falls on Sunday and Wednesday. Keto friendly meals simply select no carbs under the carbs section.





Specify your Meals

Ex: Shrimp/Jasmine Rice/Broccoli

One time fee for the thermal bag and ice packs. The Thermal bag (Made from Recycled Materials) and the Ice Packs are yours to keep. Simply placed it outside and we will put fresh meals in there for you.


Enhance your meals with our Cuban flavor. All of our beans are cooked in small batches, simmered to perfection each time.
*Beans are placed in a biodegradable container do not microwave the beans in the container.

Split My Meals * 

Select this option if you would like to split your meals. (We recommend the split in orders larger that 10 meals to keep the freshness of our veggies. They are never frozen and do not contain preservatives.) The best part is that there is only one delivery charge.

Extra Veggies (+$1.50)

Add extra veggies to your meals.